Loss Prevention

Loss prevention managers know the financial costs when associates lack the knowledge and know - how they need to successfully reduce shrink. We have delivered many programs both print and web-based that have helped our clients close the costly knowledge gaps and exceed their loss reduction goals.

“We compared a number of vendors. We chose CoreCulture over other well known vendors because they excelled in creating an LP program that delivered.”

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Health & Safety

Motivating employees to comply is sometimes a very difficult task. Our health and safety awareness and training programs have proven to increase compliance and reduce accidents by as much as 20-30%.

“Ultimately what do you want out of (health and safety) programs? You want adoption. You want people to be more sensitive to the health and safety conditions around them. I think this program has much better chance of accomplishing that than any other we’ve seen”

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Cutting energy consumption in an organization not only adds to the bottom-line, it sends a message to your employees and customers that you are working toward making a difference with a challenge that is facing us all. By helping employees become more aware of energy use and what they can do to reduce their use of it at work and at home, with a program designed by CoreCulture, will save you money and strengthen the company brand both internally and externally.

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Sales & Service

Increasing sales, improving customer service, elevating product knowledge are but a few of the ways that will help your employees create customer loyalty and increase market share. CoreCulture can help you effectively train your employees and accelerate knowledge transfer and retention and elevate performance.

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How much time do you have to get your new hires making a contribution? 2 weeks? 30 days? CoreCulture can accelerate learning and knowledge retention.

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Reward & Recognition

Experts in this field have said that gaining and keeping attention for employee engagement is critical in organizational training and should be part of the solution when developing training material. Unfortunately, it is the most often overlooked component of a training and awareness strategy. Answer your employee’s question “what’s in it for me?’ with a rewards program that recognizes them not only for the final result but for positive change in participation and behavior.

“The (safety) program has maintained a 92% or so participation rate, which is the highest participation rate for a program in the company.”

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Every organization has a unique culture and every associate instinctively knows and responds to that culture every day on the job. We work to uncover and leverage your culture to increase interest and associate engagement levels because part of the challenge when developing training and awareness programs is having the necessary insight to design an effective solution. Whether it’s understanding the culture, the root cause of a performance issue or employee perceptions and thinking toward a certain subject matter, digging deeper will give you the confidence to move forward with a program that is custom-fit to your culture, knowing that the messaging, content, tone, look and feel will hit the mark and garner the results you are seeking.

“People on the floor are the true experts. The important thing is to tap the knowledge and expertise of our people and get them to develop their own solution. CoreCulture successfully guided us through this process.”

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