Organizations invest big dollars and effort to train and educate employees in many ways: classroom, e-learning and communication programs. The most common approach is a “one-size fits all” program that exposes all employees to the same broad stroke of information. Managers, however, are left wondering if employees have actually retained the relevant knowledge needed to succeed that could be causing performance issues and inefficiencies. JUST IN TIME TRAINING™ is the answer for those who have been waiting to get the following questions answered:

  • How efficient are my training programs?
  • How can I reliably measure the level of knowledge in my organization?
  • How can I demonstrate a 98% return on my awareness campaign investments?
  • How can I increase the knowledge retention of my associates and team members?
  • What can I do to increase employee engagement? How can I make training more relevant?
  • How can I increase the frequency of training at no additional cost?
  • How can we avoid information overload during our training sessions?

At CoreCulture, we have developed JUST IN TIME TRAINING™, the world’s only automated personal training and awareness platform. We enable our customers to measure and close costly knowledge gaps in real time, one employee at a time, in 30 seconds or less per day. Our patent pending technology and methodology has been captured in JUST IN TIME TRAINING™ which has tens of thousands of registered users, spread across hundreds of stores and numerous manufacturing plants. Our method has helped save millions of dollars in organizations throughout North America.

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