Reward & Recognition

Common sense (supported by expert opinion) tells us that associates’ “what’s in it for me?” motive needs to be satisfied in any program designed to engage and get them on-side with awareness and training initiatives.

CoreCulture will make your next initiative more successful for everyone involved by developing a tailored motivational component to any program that recognizes performance, offers prizes or rewards.

Our mix of traditional paper based promotions in combination with various unique creative communication mechanisms result in awareness and encourage positive actions within your environment.

In addition, our unique web based software offers dramatically enhanced support to reward and recognition programs with automatic monitoring, reporting, measurement and delivery of earned rewards (all are customizable and adaptable).

By offering any combination of the two, CoreCulture Reward and Recognition programs work to achieve active participation, positive attitudes and behavior.


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CoreCulture Testimonial

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Rob DeMarsh,

Director, Asset Protection lululemon athletica
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