Our health and safety awareness and training programs have proven to increase compliance and reduce accidents by as much as 20-30%. One of our recent clients had a 30% reduction in claims and recovered 6M in claims costs.

Another client, Canada’s most successful and progressive clothing retailer ‘Marks’ was challenged with a common perception among employees that retail was a risk-free environment.

We conducted a survey with store managers to obtain their perceptions of health and safety and to learn their thoughts regarding the best approach for changing the perceptions of employees. We developed a communication center, a monthly self-audit guide for the H&S representative in each store and created a ‘Tracking Our Risk Barometer’ that displayed risk on any given month based on a safety audit score.

Mark’s Work Wearhouse appreciated the straightforward approach we took to fill this critical knowledge gap with a meaningful safety awareness program that resonated with employees and achieved the desired results.

“Ultimately what do you want out of (health and safety) programs? You want adoption. You want people to be more sensitive to the health and safety conditions around them. I think this program has much better chance of accomplishing that than….”

Vice President, Human Resources and Customer Service,
Mark's Work Wearhouse


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