Loss prevention managers know the financial and personal costs at stake when associates lack the knowledge they require to proactively reduce shrink.

We reduce shrink rates through our culturally aligned awareness and training programs.

Here’s the proof. One of our current retail clients, AJWright surpassed their shrink targets as the result of our awareness program.

AJWright was faced with high shrink and was highly reactive to loss issues. We conducted surveys and interviews with store managers, conducted a communication audit and developed a profile of associates. We delivered a customized program to deepen managers’ understanding of LP and to elevate the importance of compliance in the minds of employees.

The result of our work has been an immediate shift in the perception of roles and responsibilities, improvements in their training program, and increase in ownership and activity surrounding the program and ultimately a reduction in shrink.



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CoreCulture Testimonial

Listen to what

Dominic Zuccala,

Director, Loss Prevention
The Borders Grp
had to say:

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