At CoreCulture, we enable our clients to measure and close costly knowledge gaps. We specialize in culturally-aligned awareness and training solutions delivered traditionally or using the world's only automated personal training and awareness platform.

The result is a program that elevates performance and delivers a better return on
your investment.

CoreCulture uses the very latest techniques to deliver the most effective awareness and training programs in a Four Step Process:

Step 1


dig deeper

Part of the challenge when developing training and awareness programs is having the necessary insight to design an effective solution. Whether it’s understanding the root cause of a performance issue or employee perceptions and thinking toward a certain subject matter, digging deeper will give you the confidence to move forward with a program knowing that the messaging, content, tone, look and feel will hit the mark and garner the results you are seeking.

We have learned from our experience that the findings of Communication Audits, Surveys & Interviews, Inside Up™ Sessions (focus groups), CoreCharacter® Typology and the JUST IN TIME TRAINING™ platform removes the guesswork and gives you the edge you need to make the greatest impact on employee behavior.


Methods we use include:


• Ethnography (culture study)
• Communication mapping and audits
• Interviews

• InsideUp™ sessions
• Climate surveys
• Wireless audits


“People on the floor are the true experts. The important thing is to tap the knowledge and expertise of our people and get them to develop their own solution. CoreCulture successfully guided us through this process.”

Step 2


Develop strategy and design tactics that reframe communication so they align with your culture and achieve objectives whatever focus is required.


Methods we use include:


• Awareness programs
• Recognition and incentive campaigns
• Communication campaigns
• Recruitment and orientation programs
• Internal brand building

• Pilot projects, target stores,   regional disparities initiatives
• Leadership Development Programs
• Training modules
• Specialty programs

Step 3


Align creative to consistently speak to strategy in all media and manage tactical deployment.


This could include:


• Print, Multi-Media, Video, Computer
  and Web-Based Media Programming,  
• Pilot projects, target stores, regional

• Print and program management
• Warehousing and kitting
• Promotional product sourcing,   fulfillment, e-stores

Step 4


Measure impact (ROI) of strategy/tactics; gather quantitative and qualitative data.


• Knowledge/Learning
• Attitudes/Behavior

• Compliance/Participation Results
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


Methods we use include:


• Pre and post testing
• Surveys, interviews and InsideUp™ Sessions
• Rotational trending™




• Traditional print media
• Workshops
• Corporate intranets
• Media Selection

• Training modules
• Web sites
• Interactive CD-ROMs (e-cards,
• Videos




• Kitting, warehousing