"If you can be more consistent with employees and more aligned with their perceptions of your company in communications, they will be more satisfied with their job, more likely to support company initiatives stay with their jobs longer and consequently, reduce organizational costs."

Those were the motivations behind the creation of CoreCulture back in 2001.

Ever since, in everything we do, our efforts are inspired by a desire to improve from employee understanding and job satisfaction to their companies' bottom line.

We do it by uncovering and correcting hidden issues and knowledge gaps using program language that echo the culture of these organizations.

Driving our organization are adventurous professionals with years of practical experience in communications, awareness campaign development, training and management consulting.


  • Brad Forwell

    Brad Forwell


    Brad is dedicated to elevating the results of internal communications and has successfully delivered programs for a wide range of organizations in US, Canadian and European markets. For 30 years Brad has, as an account manager, consistently built 'concept to completion' programs that have successfully met and exceeded their targets.